5 Things to Not Forget When Shopping in San Diego, CA for Your Wedding and Engagement Rings

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5 Tips to Get Stunning Wedding Jewelleries

When looking for wedding and engagement rings in San Diego, CA, you need to be wise in choosing the best pieces to wear during your big day. But finding the best jewelleries for wedding may not always easy. Here are five cool tips that you can take with you while you’re shopping.

wedding and engagement ring#1 Keep the 4 C’s

The 4 C’s stand for color, cut, carat and clarity and each of these four affect the value and price of diamonds. Although may gemstone experts say that the cut is the most important of all the four because the cut of the diamond determines the brilliance and fire of the diamond, check their official website.

#2 Skip round diamonds

Round diamonds are the most popular cuts of diamonds and also tend to be the most expensive. So if you’re looking for a less expensive piece of ring, shop for less-popular shapes such as marquise, heart, and oval.

#3 Go beyond the 4 C’s

Aside from the 4 C’s, consider also other diamond qualities like fluorescence, which is responsible in making a diamond look blue or milky under particular shades of light. Some jewelers use laser to remove imperfections from diamonds to make it more fluorescent. But be wary of other enhancements like fillings and polish for they can affect the quality of the stone in the long run.

#4 Don’t stick to brand names

There are many brand names that sell wedding and engagement rings in San Diego, CA today. But you should not think that other jewellers are not as good as them. Brand names actually charge higher because their name sells the items. Remember that a higher prices doesn’t necessarily translate to good quality.

#5 Negotiate

When buying pieces of diamond jewellers, don’t be afraid to negotiate. Try to compare the prices of branded jewellers and of those that are not. Some shops offer discounts if you purchase a stone and setting together.

Once you are done choosing your jewelry it is recommended to have a little relaxation at the spa salon before continuing in choosing your catering service and venue.

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