Best Catering For Kids in Houston Texas

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Best Catering For Kids in Houston Texas

My twins will celebrate their 7th birthday next month and I want them to have a memorable party, invite all their friends, play, laugh and enjoy every single moment of it and have a best catering in Houston. I usually cook and I’m good at it, but this time I’m going to hire a catering company to do it for me.

I want catering for kids in Houston, not for adults, because I have this idea to make the food look playful, so the little ones enjoy eating it even more. Why eat simple fruit such as bananas, strawberries and oranges, when you can eat a funny face, with a nose made from banana, eyes and mouth made from strawberries and a cool mustache made of an orange slice? Life can be fun, you know?

The party will have a theme, so the food design should follow this theme. We might go for “the ocean”, case in which I’ll rent that inflatable bounce house in shape of a big aquarium and I want sea food in the menu. I’m a bit concerned, though, with allergies. I think I need to get it touch with all other parents and ask them about any allergies their kids may be suffering from. Top Houston catering.

Astral Catering
8225 Cantrell St, Houston, TX 77074
(281) 407-5621

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