Best Wedding Venues along the Coast of Long Island, NY that Allow Outside Caterers

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Breathtaking Wedding Venues in Long Island

Food Catering Long IslandA wedding will not be complete without catering. Of course, as much as possible, every bride or groom would like to introduce their favorite dishes made by their mom, dad or grandparents to their guests. On the other hand, there are wedding venues that require couples to hire their in-house catering vendors. Typically, the in-house catering is expensive compared to the couples planned menu. For this reason, it is best to find the best wedding venues along the coast of Long Island NY that allow outside caterers. A venue that allow outside catering is important for many couples, especially who are in a tight budget and want to fulfill their dream wedding in every detail, including the menu. If you dream of strolling through the shore whilst walking and holding hands with your partner, the Land’s End in Sayville is the choice for you. Land’s End understood how important it is for the bride and grooms to keep the traditions alive, especially in sharing the newlywed’s favorite and sumptuous delicacies to their relatives and friends.

They have onsite catering, but will still welcome outside caterers depending on the choice of the couple. The Crescent Beach Club in Bayville is one of the best wedding venues that offer waterfront views. Yet aside from the water views, the wedding couples are free to hire outside caterers that they prefer.

They take into consideration the preferred backdrop of many wedding couples, like the beachfront. They understand that it can be difficult for many to find a beachfront wedding venue that allows outside caterers. Many couples entrust their wedding catering to their closest relatives or friends that often provide the service at great discounted rate or for free. So make sure to check out first these best wedding venues along the coast of Long Island NY that definitely welcomes outside catering service.

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