Dominant Colors in Indian Wedding Clothes

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Colors in Indian Wedding Clothes

indian dressIndian wedding clothes are one of the most extravagant styles all over the world like the preparation in wedding catering. It has complicated details that would always bring about significant meanings that will bless the sanctity of marriage. Indian wedding clothes are complicated for both men and women and regardless if you are a groom or bride, you will really have to wear clothes in a very elegant manner. The different wedding clothes and dresses would also have very expensive stones and gems to make their clothes even more recognizable.

Indian wedding clothes would have dominant colors like lavender, red, yellow, white, gold and silver. These colors are emphasized bringing along different meanings with them. Each color are also paired with patterns in order to fulfill the purpose of having one. These dominant colors are used not only to make the skin vibrant and have the beauty of the guests recognized but also to give luck and respect for the different traditional beliefs that have been retained and survived the test of time.

The color lavender as a dominant color in most of the Indian weddings would signify preservation of the relationship for the couple. Lavender is a soothing color that would look best for the wedding guests. When one wears a wedding dress with the color lavender as the dominant color, this means that the person wishes the couple preservation of their love and relationship for many years to come. This is best worn by the men to pair with white and for women, it is best to pair with pink or yellow take a look at thisĀ

The color red as a dominant color signifies passion in the relationship. Red is a very strong color that would look very bright in the eyes of the wedding guests. It is worn with elegance and best paired with the color black. Other colors like silver and gold will also be best to be paired since these colors signify abundance. Passion and abundance that go together will really make a magnificent outcome that will bring the couple into a very special type of relationship till the end.

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