What to Expect in Indian Weddings in the US

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A View on an Indian Wedding in the USA

An Indian wedding is not a traditional wedding being held in a chapel or garden. Traditional Indian weddings can last for an average of three days and several rituals and ceremonies are being performed. As years gone by and traditions have been passed, things have slightly changed. Even Indian weddings in the US still last for days, unlike a traditional wedding ceremony which only takes about an hour.

indian11. Attending an Indian wedding means lots of good. There is so much food on the table, but expect the food that will be prepared are traditional Indian cuisines wedding caterer.

2. Typically, wedding planning can be tiring and takes time and effort to ensure everything will be perfect. Yet try attending and taking part in planning an Indian wedding. Indian weddings are planned thoroughly as it will last for 3-5 days. Compare that to a five to six hours event for a day.

3. For Indian couples who have lots of money to spend for five days of wedding, they may have elephants or peacocks around. Don’t be confused that you are in the zoo, as these animals are typically in the scene during the wedding.

4. Indians weddings are known for the use of multi-colored and the finest quality of fabrics. If you are not aware, an Indian wedding is an event for gold exposition. From the bride, groom, parents of bride and groom to uncles and aunts, you will not see a shortage of gold.

5. The Indian wedding ceremony is like a crazy party. The Punjab folk dance is fairly easy to pick up and you can dance along with the other guests. If the Indian couple has a Modern Indian wedding theme, you will most likely hear contemporary Western music too.

6. Boxed gifts are not necessary and normally requested by couples. As guests, you can have the gifts shipped to the couple’s home or place your gift cash in an envelope. It will save you time to think what to buy for them.

If you will be invited in Indian weddings in the US, seriously, have fun. Your culture may not be as awesome as Indians, but feel free to be jovial during the event, click here.

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