Make Your Wedding Exclusive at the Venue of Bell Tower on 34th Street

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Everything that you will experience in your venue is a product of your choice. If you pick a so so caterer, lousy venue, the wedding could be uncomfortable and will really become memorable in a bad way. Having exclusive weddings at Bell Tower on 34th Street wedding venue will change your life memories forever. Every moment will be magical, like what you have imagined before that will take place on your special day. If you choose an exclusive reception like this, the memories will remain forever in the hearts and minds of your guests, and of course you and your partner. Bell Tower is a once in a lifetime experience. Getting it on your big day is a good pick.

Why choose an exclusive wedding reception? The main reason is this amazing wedding place is an epitome of grandeur. If you want to experience getting wed in an Italian or Spanish villa, this place is what you are looking for. Since this type of venue is of top quality, all of the resources they are using when it comes to wedding transportation, videography or cinematography, DJ or live band, floral arrangement, cakes and desserts and etcetera, are all trusted and 5 star rating providers as well. With these services they are incorporating in your wedding event, you can be confident that it will be impressive.

The Bell Tower has also on-site chapel where you could hold the wedding ceremony. You don’t need to get a separate chapel just to get wed by minister. Everything is there which is inclusive of the package you have signed up for. Getting external services separate from your reception set up is really a hassle that you should avoid.

Exclusive weddings at Bell Tower on 34th Street wedding venue are also good for wedding photography. Nothing could beat a photography that depicts the beauty of indoor aesthetics. Getting pictures in the place is smooth because you basically own the place on a specific date. You no longer need to compete with other users. Plus, you get to access all the amenities for yourself.

Read more about this venue here to get more info and detail to make your dream wedding come true.

The Bell Tower on 34th
901 W 34th St, Houston, TX 77018
(713) 868-2355

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