Five Ways on How to Have One of Kind Wedding Cupcakes in Houston TX

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Make Your Wedding Cupcakes Unique


Cupcakes are now in the trend when it comes to special events. Even for your wedding, cupcakes are now being used. Even if there are now many who opt for wedding cupcakes instead of the traditional simple and plain cake, you can still make yours as unique as it can be.

Focus on flavor

Why not have wedding cupcakes that will not impress your guests at first sight but will totally melt their hearts once they get to have a taste. With this, you have to focus on the flavor and filling of the cupcakes. You can have a simple cupcake but inside bursts with syrupy filling. Having two flavors that complement each other is also a good idea and the only cupcakes in Houston.

Have a personalized design

One sure way for unique wedding cupcakes in Houston, TX is through a customized design. Consider your wedding style and the things you love to do with your partner. Are you into sports? Then have cupcakes with baseball or any sports you love as your toping. You might as well ask your wedding cake designer for help.

Different cupcake shapes

Round cupcakes are what you usually see? That is enough of a reason to be different when it comes to your wedding cupcake shape? You can go for square, heart-shaped and other cupcakes you wish to have.

Make effort with your cupcake stand

Aside from the wedding cupcake design and flavor, you can also add another touch of uniqueness to your cupcake stand. There are now many DIY instructions in the internet on how you can decorate your own cupcake stand or simply ask your wedding caterer for cupcake holder.

Ask help from the professionals

What a better way to have unique wedding cupcakes is through asking help from the professionals. There are many great bake shops that offer the best wedding cupcakes in Houston, TX that you should not miss. Better start your search now!

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