Fusing Catering with Wedding Venue Service at Hotel in Toronto Airport

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Integrating Wedding Catering at the Reception

One of the questions that you need to settle ahead of time is how you are going to feed your guests when you invite them to your reception. If you have rented wedding venue at hotel in Toronto Airport, there is no need to worry because the restaurants in the hotel’s premises are very abundant. Or, you can simply fuse the reception with the hotel’s catering service.

Wedding HotelBut before you could do that, you need to know first if the hotel is actually doing that kind of arrangement. Based from experience, there are a number of hotels that are not providing catering. When you start looking for a hotel reception, make sure that offer catering service too so you can get the package instead of hiring outside caterers.

If you have no idea yet regarding the type of catering service that you can fuse with your reception. Here are some of the simple suggestions:

(1) Retro

If you have a retro theme for your wedding, make sure that your food also syncs with it. You can serve your guests with retro type of dishes like mash and pie, hamburgers made of sirloin, bangers and different types of fillet. Going retro will pay homage to the food you have grown up with when you are still a child.

(2) Dessert bar

Desserts will always have its ways to guest’s heart. To make your wedding reception more fun, set up a dessert bar loaded with miniature cakes, trifles, brownies, cupcakes, crumbles and many more. Miniature desserts will fill in the lethargic part of the event. In this way you guests will never be bored.

(3) Breakfast in the hotel

Serving breakfast food is a trend nowadays in the wedding market. It is also a cost saver since breakfast menu is not that expensive as compared to the sit down dinner.

Experts would say that eventually what the guests will remember in the reception is not the details of the groom’s and bride’s attire but the food being served. If the food served isn’t that too good, they might have bad impression regarding your event as a whole. To avoid this kind of blunder, make sure that you arrange it comprehensively with the provider of wedding venue at hotel Toronto Airport.

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