Giving Out Trendy Wine Wedding Favors

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Wine Wedding Favors

If you are a connoisseur of wines then giving out wedding favors related to wine is the best and most creative way to surprise your guests. This type of gift is very common if the couple is holding a wedding reception at a vineyard or in one of the rural or countryside farms which you can ask the help of your wedding catering. There are many reasons to give wine wedding favors and one of them is to showcase your uniqueness.

weddingIf you want a fresh way of giving out wedding favors, this is a good consideration because not all couples are following this type of route. If you happen to like this idea, then there is no stopping you. The following are some of the fun ideas on how to give wine wedding favors to the well esteemed guests:

Bottle stopper of wine

A good wine is not enough if there is no good bottle stopper. In fact, the effect and taste of wine is also affected by the bottle stopper. There are a number of unique wine bottle stoppers that you may consider before you get one. When choosing for a stopper, you can pick from average agglomerated stopper to multi-piece cork stopper. Bottle stoppers are also available in different materials like glass, cork, vacuum, steel, silver plated and designer. With the right bottle stopper, you don’t have to worry about the spirit of wine and champagne from escaping.

Miniature wine bottles

If you want your guests to bring home easy to carry bottle, these mini wine bottles will do. Aside from being fancy, these bottles can also be displayed as an aesthetic inside one’s home. The bottle is attached with a thank you note from you and your husband. Below the note is the date of the wedding, so your friends will never forget. The miniature bottle can be availed in different colors, but if you want it to be elegant and basic you can choose a transparent one.

Escort cards attached in wine bottles

Do you want to surprise your guests before they reach your reception? If yes then give out elegant escort cards attached in wine bottles. This style is not commonly practiced but once you do, everyone will surely get excited. Leading your guests into the reception with a wine bottle will always be creative and refreshing.

Wine bottles with monogram

Please take note than monogram items are not only limited to cake toppers and other aesthetics. You can also emulate monogram designs on your wine bottles.

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