Houston Texas Best Wedding Cakes for Easter

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Celebrate Easter during a Wedding

wedding Easter cakesAre you perhaps getting married in Easter? It’s a fun time which most families really take advantage of it as this holiday is associated with parents and children having a fund day together, aside from providing wedding Easter cakes in Houston, TX during your reception, here are other interesting dessert choices which can please both adults and children and even yourself.

Ice Cream Sandwiches / Whoopie Pies

Can’t choose in the event that you ought to have dessert, cookies or ice cream for the kids? Have an ice cream cookie sandwich instead, even adults are sure to love this unique dessert.

Sweet Apples

Who says treats can’t be solid, or in any event, incompletely sound? Sweetened fruits are awesome in the event that you don’t want your visitors (and their kids) going into a sugar rush after your wedding. Plunge pieces of fruit in caramel or softened sweets and coat them with nuts, coconut shreds or even chocolate sprinkles. Try to ask your wedding caterer to serve this in your wedding.


Made of whipped egg whites and sugar, meringues are entirely for those with amazingly sweet tooth. Anyhow, that isn’t to say that some of your visitors aren’t. In addition, meringues make such really little increases to your wedding that you need to incorporate them. This alongside wedding Easter cakesin Houston, TX can be a great addition for the kids in your wedding.


Satisfy all the cookie monsters on your visitor list by including cookies at your wedding. Serve up an assortment of treats made with chocolate chips, oatmeal or nuts and let your visitors pick their poison. Pack them as wedding favors or leave goodie packs for them to bring home. Alternately, in case you’re a cookie monster yourself, make a cookie bar loaded with distinctive sorts of cookies rather than the for the most part cake-filled dessert table.

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