How Wedding Venues in Hotels in Barstow, CA Earn a 5-Star Rating

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What Makes a 5-Star Hotel?

If you’ve been looking for wedding venues in hotels in Barstow, CA, you must have noticed that some hotels are rated 3-star while some other are 5-star. Have you ever thought what makes a 5-star hotel?

wedding venueContrary to popular belief, there are no international standards or international ratings body that decide which hotels are 5-star and which are not. The answer to how these ratings are made chiefly comes from the reviewers. Although, you don’t have to be a hotel reviewer in order to know if a hotel provides excellent services or not.

So while you’re in search for the best wedding venue at a hotel, here are 5 things that you should look for. These 5 are actually the major elements that are inspected by reviewers.

Consistency and Quality Service

The quality and consistency of the their service is the number one factor that determines whether a hotel can be rated a 5-star or not. It’s no small feat for a hotel to consistently provide their clients with outstanding service considering that hotels are being plagued by people of all walks of life on a daily basis. They may offer quality wedding catering for your special day.

Personalized Service

If you’ve noticed, hotel staffs greet you by name and smile even when if it’s only your first time to stay with them. This is because hotels make sure that their customers are well taken care of to the detail.

Particularly Good Beds

Ever noticed how most hotel guests remember the comfort they experience from hotels that provide excellent bedding to their guests. 5-star hotels pay particular attention to the quality of their beds, their mattresses, and sheets. Guests enjoy it most when a hotel provides a good bed and an option to have extra pillows.

Complimentary Car and Transfer  Services

In most cases, 5-star wedding venues in hotels in Barstow, CA offer complimentary luxury wedding car within a particular radius or environs. For instance a 50-block ride in a Maserati luxury car can be offered by the hotel management.

Kid’s Amenities

5-star hotels understand very well that a way to a parent’s heart is through the child’s. This means that if children enjoys their stay at a hotel, their parents will surely be also satisfied and give a good rating of the hotel.

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