How Much Does an Indian Wedding Cake Cost?

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Calculating the Cost of Indian Wedding Cakes

Indian wedding cakes are made in two different ways, which can be found and served by many Indian wedding caterers. For one, there is the simple wedding cake that can basically provide an elegant look for the cake and is the center of attention during the reception. Simple wedding cakes would usually have one basic design adorned with patterns or flowers and forms. They have one basic design that is very pleasant to the eyes of those who see them.

indian cakeThe second form of amazing cake for Indian wedding is the extravagant one. Usually, it is not less than four tiers high and will occupy a lot of space in the reception area. There are many colors and different designs incorporated in this huge cake. There is also a lot of flavors involved. Having a basic kind of decoration is good if you want to have a grand attraction and to impress your guests. Colors of gold and silver will not be out of the scene. There will be many shapes and figures involved, depending on the preference of the couple.

The cost of simple wedding cakes is from $200 to $500 depending on the number of layers and if the layers will be edible or not. There will be cupcakes and cake pops involved in the process of dealing with the different types of designs that can be related and incorporated with a simple wedding cake. This is already an affordable cost for a cake. Three layered wedding cakes can already fit in a $100 budget and the additional desserts on the dessert table will comprise a minimum of $200 in a simple setting.

Extravagant wedding cakes will not be less than $500. These are luxurious types of wedding cakes that are grand and extravagant in size and design. The prices can shoot up more when gold –real gold shavings- will be incorporated into the cake. Even edible gold cakes right now can be considered as luxury items as they are viewed as jewels for many. A luxurious Indian wedding cake would surely be the center of attention in the wedding reception area.

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