Perfect Wedding Cake for Your Special Day

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Choose Your Wedding Cake

All About WeddingCakes serve important role in many wedding. The purpose may differ from each other depending on the culture and country. Cakes come in different sizes, shapes, and flavors. Aside from the couples, cakes become center of attention in any wedding. You can tell the style of the couple by looking at their cake. Choosing wedding cake can be tough sometimes especially that there are thousands of cakes that is available in the market today. Wedding needs a lot of preparation. This is why it is important to come up with something suitable for you.

In choosing wedding cake you need to start with your style. It is important to discuss it with your partner. Keep in mind that two heads is better than one. Find common interest and let it be your inspiration. However, it is important that style should incorporate the theme of the wedding including the color scheme. Take note that everything that you need to have should match each other, from venue to food down to your wedding decoration. If you are having difficulty, you don’t need to emulate your style; you just need to pick an item that has special meaning for you both.

In connection to style, you can opt for multiple tiers for a more luxurious look or if you are into something unique you can have mini cakes tower. Another perfect alternative for cake is the cupcake tower or multi-layered cheesecake. Cakes can be decorated with fresh and edible flowers, ribbons, rhinestones, fresh fruits, sugar-made item, and chocolates.

Cakes can be found in all sorts of shapes, after deciding the style of the cake you can choose specific shape. However, it is common to use irregular shapes if you are planning to have a unique cake. For those couple who want to opt for classic they can opt for round, square, oval, heart-shaped, and triangular.

Also when picking wedding cake you should think of the flavor, you can opt for your favorite and traditional flavors like chocolate, vanilla, caramel and other fruity flavors. However, if you want a more surprising cake you can opt for raisin and rum, coffee and chocolate, green tea and a lot more.  Also you need to decide whether you are going to use fondant or butter cream. There are also cakes that are not heavily frosted. This cake is called bold cake.

To find inspiration you may check online catalog or photographs. You can also check some printed materials like bridal magazines.