Sculptors That Can Pass Off As Wedding Cakes in Atlanta GA

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Unique Cake Shapes and More

Traditional cakes in weddings are not far from common. When you hear wedding cakes from Atlanta GA you think of the traditional round 3 or more tiered cake but what if you want something more unique? Let’s talk about the possibilities of having different shapes for your wedding cakes, don’t be restricted by tradition, times are changing and if you want your wedding to be a memorable one then having a special cakes for your wedding in Atlanta GA is one way to go about it.

Wedding CakeLet’s talk about sculpted wedding cakes. That’s right, who said a cake should be a tiered cake? Why not make it into a sculptor? These sorts of cakes allow couples to express themselves uniquely and share their interests in food form. A great specialty cake baker should be able to sculpt anything you can think of given enough time to work on it. A geeky couple may want to promote their own favorite film perhaps a sculpted cake of a hobbit hole or maybe the death star, if you met while playing world of warcraft maybe you want to make a cake from one of their characters. If you’re both football fans then maybe a football shaped cake or a jersey of your favorite team the choices are endless, you just need to find the right baker. There are a lot of wedding caterers who know a baker or pastry chefs that can offer such cake, you may coordinate with them.

Another choice you can go with if sculpted cakes are too expensive is cupcakes. Why cupcakes? Well, it’s because they are budget friendly and they can also be designed uniquely. Picture a hundred cupcakes properly arranged on a stand and designed wonderfully. This can add an interesting flare to the image of wedding cakes. It’s also easier to have these cupcakes made in different flavors, budget friendly and with a wide range of flavors now that’s a cake!

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