Take New Dance Classes before Your Houston, TX Wedding and Learn the Bachata Dance from Caribbean

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Bachata – The Dance Craze from Caribbean Islands

There are many things you can do on how you could make your wedding a very astonishing not only for you and your partner but for everyone who is present as well. Don’t miss the chance of making your wedding day a very memorable one and you can do it best my making a surprise that could certainly break the ice. We are not just talking about the food served by the wedding catering. One good thing to do is to take your wedding first dance to another level with a well-choreographed Batcha dance. You can do it by taking wedding Bachata dance classes in Houston, TX first.

Bachata DanceYes, you read it right! Batchata dance is actually highly-recommended if you want to do something groovy but not that uptempo, sexy but also suave, and most of all something different. Think out of the box and do a Bachata dance. If you think that you can only make your wedding first dance amazing with a Sway, Tango, Cha Cha, Rumba, or any of the sort, then Bachata will make you think twice.

Bachata has several dancing styles. The most common Bachata styles danced in social events are Bachata danced solo, danced in two hand hold, and danced in an open and close embrace. This kind of social dance is consists of four beats for every measure. Starting by taking three steps for every four beats while the dancers walk forward and backward flat footed. Why? Well, after all Bachata had humble origins that only few know.

Bachata is a well-known dance from the Caribbean Islands of the Dominican Republic. Although heavily influenced by Cuban Bolero, its music and dance steps also had a touch of Salsa, Cumbia, and the Merengue which also from the Dominican Republic. If what you want to dance to is the authentic Bachata, then you will have to find a dance school that offers wedding Bachata dance classes in Houston, TX. Until now, Authentic Bachata dance is still being danced in the Caribbean Islands and even all over the world. It may already be too late, but your wedding may be the perfect time for you to join the unusual dance craze.

Ask around for the best dance schools you can get enrolled to. Often, you will be offered individual classes or group classes. Either way, choose one that make you feel more comfortable. Of course, it is best if you can have a personal visit to the dance school. It won’t hurt to be a bit cautious as not everything you see online could also what it really is in person. It is important that the kind of environment it has as a dance school is what you expected it to be.

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