The Biggest Don’ts to Prevent when Planning a Successful Wedding Affair

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The Don’ts in Wedding Planning

planningWithin 6 months to 1 year of planning, you can guarantee to have a successful wedding celebration. If you spent enough time and effort with your wedding vendors and weighing the cons and pros of each choices laid in front of you, then congratulations.  Nevertheless, this is not the case for all wedding couples. There are still too many mistakes, and take note, common mistakes that brides and grooms commit when planning their wedding. Here are a few of them that you should prevent.

  1. Do not forget to share the big news first to your immediate family before posting it on your social media accounts. Your close friends definitely deserve to learn the news that you are tying the knot, but your parents and grandparents deserve to hear the news first. How would you feel if you heard from your neighbor that your brother is getting married?
  2. Do not invite someone to a bridal shower or stag party if he/she is not invited to the wedding day. Anyone who was treated like this would feel embarrassed or left out.  Remember that a bridal shower or stag party is intended as a celebration of the bride and groom with their dearest friends. If you are invited to a bridal shower and not on the wedding day, it seems like you are good enough for such celebration only and not good enough to witness the wedding ceremony.
  3. Do not assign all your single friends to sit together at one table in the reception. Weddings are a great place for you to meet new people of all ages. Thus, you should consider your seating arrangements on the marital status and interests of your guests. Let your single friends be seated next to some of your couple or married friends. Or, assign a table for guests who are interested in sports, history or fashion. Through this, they could get along comfortably when they have similar interests to talk to.

These are only three of the biggest don’ts that every wedding couple must avoid to ensure their wedding affair would be successful. Ask your wedding consultant to learn more about what must not be done.

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