Tips in Preparing for Indian Wedding Invitation Cards

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Getting Creative with Invitation Card

Are you eager to show your creativity towards your catering decoration or in your Indian wedding invitation cards? They say that the bride is one of the most excited people during the planning a stage. She wants to take over everything, from small to big details of her wedding. One way to channel creativity is towards the bridal invitation cards.

Here are some of the tips which you can make use for your preparation:

Know the style of your wedding
Since your wedding Indian style, you need to make sure there is an element of cheap Indian wedding invitations. The usual colors that most Indians would feature on their style and design are red and yellow. If you want to innovate your card, you can do so as long as you don’t lose the Indian style on it

Enumerate color choices
To complete the style of your card, you need to be creative with the color as well. With good color on your card, the guest whom you invited will surely be excited to see what’s inside. Basic Indian bridal colors are red and yellow, but it does not mean that you cannot deviate from the convention.

Tease them with its shape and size
The traditional card that we usually receive is shaped as a rectangle. You can channel creativity by making your card circular or scallop size. But if you are saving money, veering away from the rectangular shape will make you spend more money on postage since it’s becoming bulky.

Legible text
The most important part of the invitation card is the text written on it. Make sure that it is readable. You can also hire someone else to write the content of the letter so that it will be more touching. You can write it by yourself if you feel you have the sheer talent of a writer.

Preparing Indian wedding invitation cards is surely full of fun and excitement. If you are not going to be hands-on in your card preparation, make sure that you at least discuss your preference to your wedding planner.

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