Tips in Preserving Your Wedding Pies in Houston, Texas at a Summer Reception

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How to Preserve Wedding Pies on a Summer Reception

pieIn every wedding reception and catering for wedding, the cake is one of the highlights that all guests are eager to see. Thus, it is natural that every couple wants their cake to be delicious, unique, and beautiful. But if you’re getting married during the summer season, there are some special considerations that you should take note. These tips not only apply to wedding cakes but also to other sweets like cupcakes or wedding pies in Houston, Texas.

First, choose the frosting of the cake wisely. This is especially true if you’re planning a beach or outdoor wedding reception. Choose a fondant cake for a hot summer wedding. Avoid getting cakes that have whipped cream or buttercream for they easily melt and will definitely ruin your wedding cake.

Second, protect your cake from the sun’s heat. No matter what type of cake you choose, even a fondant cake, make sure to place it on an area that is not exposed by the sun preferably under a tent. Even though you have an indoor reception, protect it from the sunlight that blazes in through the windows and doors.

Third, choose cakes that have light flavors. Rich chocolate cakes are delicious but not really that suited for a summer wedding. For instance, a lemon-flavored sponge cake is best for a summer wedding because it is light and not heavy. You may also have a lime cake with coconut frosting.

Fourth, consider wedding pies in Houston, Texas. Nowadays, best pies in Houston and cupcakes are fun alternatives to wedding cakes, especially during the hot season. With pies, you can showcase different tropical flavors and fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, and peaches. Moreover, fruit pies can withstand the heat than the more delicate wedding cakes. If you want to make your guests happy, have an entire table with all assortments of pies made from different flavors and fruits.

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