Top English Songs Used in Houston, TX for Salsa Wedding Dance Lessons

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Songs for Salsa Wedding Dance

In weddings, the first wedding dance of the newlyweds is usually a ballroom dance which is being perform while everyone are taking their wedding food. It can be a slow dance, but many couples prefer tango, cha cha, rumba, and salsa. Well these are Latin dances and most of these dances got their names and dance steps according to the beat of the musical instruments used to produce the music. These ballroom dances are not just danced anymore in the streets of Latin countries or in bars and beaches in the Caribbean. Tango, merengue, cha cha, and salsa are danced also in weddings.

These Latin dances are popularly danced along to Latino songs. Of course it is because these are Latin dances after all. However, many wedding couples want to dance salsa to songs that they understand. Unless you are both Mexicans or Latinos and even your guests, who can understand Latin and Spanish, then go for it. You should consider your guests, but consider of course what the song means to both of you before you start learning the salsa dance steps.

When you enroll in wedding salsa dance lessons in Houston, TX, your dance instructors can suggest songs that are appropriate for wedding first dance. If you want to dance salsa, there are plenty of Latin and Mexican songs. Many Latinos dance salsa to the song ‘Cielito Lindo’, but when you are not Latino, pick an English song.

One of the top English songs that you can dance salsa to is “Thinking of You” by Lenny Kravitz. Ask your dance instructor if it is a good option and you will receive a big YES. Many versions of the song have been released especially to make it suitable for salsa dancing. It is considered the best song to dance along when you practice and even by dancers in a salsa dancing club. While the lyrics of the song are not really that suitable for wedding first dance, the instrumental of the song is really good for salsa dancing.

Another song ideal for salsa dancing and for first wedding dance is Alex de Castro’s song ‘Just the Way You Are’. It is partly English and partly Spanish, but the lyrics are good and appropriate for weddings. Try to listen as well to Chayanne’s song together with Vannessa Williams ‘You Are My Home’. It has two versions, but the Spanish came out first and then an English version followed.

It is easy to pick a first wedding dance when you speak with your dance instructor. When enrolled in wedding salsa dance lessons in Houston, TX, don’t forget to ask help from your instructor. It will give you less worries and less hassle in spending time searching for songs to dance along to.

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