Top Wedding Decor Trends in Houston, TX

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Trendy Wedding Decorations

Décors are said to be important element in wedding. It symbolizes something and adds color to the event. No matter what culture you’re from wedding décor will always be there to give life to a boring wedding venue. Wedding décor in Houston, TX evolve from simple and traditional one into modern and contemporary. The key to a perfect décor may depend in innovation. It is important that you explore all options before making the final choice.

Wedding DecorThere are vast options of wedding décor in Houston, TX that is available in the market today. This article will tell you about trendy décor that will surely fit to any wedding.


No matter if you are going to have wedding or not flowers will always be in the top list for wedding decoration. They add life and color to a venue and wedding catering . Basically, wedding flowers are bright and vibrant. Using red, gold and white is highly advisable. Flowers that are commonly used for wedding décor in Houston, TX are roses, jasmine, lilac, tulip, orchids and a lot more. Different types of flowers can be used depending on the preferences of the couple; there are plastic, fresh and fabrics. If you are going to hire a decorator it is crucial that you will ask for a mock setup.


Lightings can add drama to the wedding venue. This type of wedding décor in Houston, TX may include candles and traditional oil lamp or lanterns. These decorations will not only illuminate the venue but it will add authenticity to wedding. It can make the venue look big and expensive.


Draping of fabric is also ideal to and glamour to the wedding venue. This decoration is being used for chairs, tables and mandap. It is important that the colors of fabrics that you are going to use should coordinate with culture.

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