What is the Purpose of Wedding Flower Bouquet Toss in San Diego, CA?

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Purpose of Wedding Flower Bouquet Toss

What is the purpose of wedding flower bouquet toss in San Diego, CA? The tossing of wedding flower is an ancient tradition that is passed from generations to generations. It has become a practice in a typical wedding ceremony. But not for all, because some believe that there is nothing about tossing the wedding flower bouquet. The purpose of tossing the wedding flower bouquet is to keep the honor to the beliefs of our elderly ancestors. There is no sacred symbol or something that symbolizes the tossing of wedding bouquet. But just being proud of our culture practiced since then.

People believe that whoever catches the wedding bouquet that is tossed by the bride is soon to be married with the one who catches the grooms garter that he also tossed. But only the unwed ladies and gentlemen are allowed to join the tossing and catching of garter and bouquet.

It is for the couple to decide if they want to toss the bouquet or not. If the bride just wants to give it to someone special, it is possible. Nothing is special on the tossing of wedding bouquet. It is just a tradition that a newly-wed couple has to practice. The purpose of wedding flower bouquet toss in San Diego, CA is to remember and follow what our tradition has been practiced for a long time. It is for honoring the existence of that practice. There are no restrictions of not tossing the wedding bouquet and it is not required for any wedding. Just do not forget the important practices that symbolizes something; like the giving of toast of the special people in your life and the wedding dances. Those are the moments that should always be in a wedding.

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